Zarouchla village

Zarouchla is a small and peaceful village, a part of the contemporary Aigialeia municipality. Many years ago along with other villages of the same region it was part of the historical municipality of Nonakrida; The Greek revolution of 1821 started here. Memories of the Revolution era are retained through the existing Fotila Tower and the family house of the local hero Sotirios Charalambis which you may visit.

The village is 35 km (asphalt) away from Akrata and 18 km away from the skiing center of Kalavryta which is approachable through a road connecting Zarouchla with the national road to Kalavryta.

50 meters beyond the village end which is totally surrounded by green nature and running cold waters, there starts the fascinating fir tree forest of Chelmos. Amazing excursions with Zarouchla as a starting point can be scheduled through the forest to the nearby villages, to Feneo of Korinthia, to the Waters of Styga, to Tsivlos-Lake, to the Kalavryta skiing center on mt. Chelmos and to other worth visiting places.

Zarouchla is a paradise for all kinds of recreational activities; trekking and mountain biking are among the most fascinating. Check out this great place and come stay with us!

Photos: © in2life

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